The Top Ten Packing Tips


To be a top level moving company in San Diego, we believe that we need to provide you with all of the tools to have a most comfortable move. The highest level of professionalism is our pledge.  This is why we stand out above the rest as a top notch moving company in San Diego. Check out our packing tips!    


  1. Inquire about items that your mover can pack. Your mover, such as OS Moving San Diego, may be able to pack all of your items for a very reasonable cost. Alternatively, some movers provide wardrobe boxes, such as OS Moving. These movers may also pack larger fragile items, such as mirrors, to help ensure that larger fragile items will be packed and moved properly.              
  2. Pack What You Need at Your Next Home Right Away. Fill one suitcase for each family member, comprised of three changes of clothes and special daily needs such as a child’s favorite toy. Pack one box for each room with the initial necessities, such as bathroom shower curtain, mats and toiletries or kitchen utensils and a frying pan.
  3. Label Based on Priorities. Start by labeling boxes by the name of the room on two sides of each box.  Especially mark boxes that should be first opened by underlining the name of the room or making a star mark using a different colored marker.  Specially mark fragile boxes as well.
  4. Reduce Your Load. Clean out one room at a time to identify “throw away” items, such as clothes for a donation or yard sale. 
  5. Be mindful of Assembly. Tape screws, nuts, bolts and other apparatus for furnishings to the actual item you are packing. This will ensure a speedy assembly when you arrive at your new home. In fact, OS Moving drivers can dissemble and assemble your household goods so have some tape handy to accomplish this project with ease.
  6. Maximize Space for Fragile Items. Use towels and pillows to provide additional cushioning for fragile items.
  7. Tape Properly. Tape along the seams and the flaps of your boxes, but also tape to form a criss cross over the existing taped area. This will reinforce your boxes’ stability.
  8. Stick with 30 Pound Boxes. This will prevent the seams of the boxes from breaking open while moving.
  9. Double Box Heavy Weight Boxes. For electronics, use the original box, but also use another box as an outer shell to prevent breakage. For other heavy weight boxes, such as kitchen pots and pans or tools, do the same. Be certain to use packing cushions for heavy weight boxes.
  10. Manage Electronic Cords. Wrap electronic cords and tape them or secure them in another fashion to the electronic item.



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