At OS Moving San Diego, we believe that every ounce of prevention from theft at the residence you are moving out of is critically important. This is why we want to provide you with tips to protect the home you are moving out of. With OS Moving San Diego, our services don’t begin and end with the move to your new location.

So, here are the top tips of the day for ensuring your former residence will be is secure from thieves. If there are any missing door or window locks, it’s appropriate to take action as follows:

For Moving Renters:

If you are a renter and the locks were not fixed before your move in, your landlord should be responsible to fix them.   Yet, it is wise to document this information in writing, take photographs and have witnesses that can testify to this account. New renters are quick to point out things that are wrong in a home they move into. If you already have this information documented as existing upon your entry, then your risk of liability is significantly reduced.

For Moving Home Owners:

If you have your home on the real estate market and are moving, you’ll want to secure all windows and doors before you leave. Thieves target empty homes that are being sold. They break in through windows and doors. They steal appliances, light fixtures, window hangings, and bathroom accessories. Remember that people interested in buying a home may return to the home a second time to view it. Just think of what would happen if a thief had come in and removed appealing essentials that the home buyer was interested in.

Finally, be certain to have all keys and transfer all keys to the landlord or new owner. This action will release you from responsibility for the property. Check your home for damage. Document the description and condition of the home, including; accessories, window hangings, paint job, carpet and floors.

These simple precautions will help deter thieves and limits your risk of responsibility for the actions of thieves.

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