A San Diego move can be best prepared with three days of basic necessities. That’s why OS Moving, a well known San Diego Moving Company would like to introduce you to some of the top tips for your relocation.   If you’ve already started packing, it may seem as if your home is in a state of confusion. Perhaps, you are in the beginning stages of cleaning out clutter, excess papers, unused tools and apparatus that you no longer need. Alternatively, you may not have started cleaning out your home with a busy schedule that may prompt you to think about adding expert packing into your list for your move.   Regardless, it’s great to keep in mind that you’ll want to have a few bare necessities on hand at your new location once you arrive.

In the kitchen, the best focus is on the items you will need to prepare food for at least three days after you move. Paper plates, paper cups and plastic silverware typically work well for the first few days. Yet, you may need special knives, a cutting board, a spatula and a few other essentials to feel comfortable in your kitchen during the transition. For these items, you can prepare a special box, which your San Diego Movers will leave for you to transport or will ensure it is made easily accessible during your move.

In your bathroom, you’ll need your bath mat, shower curtain and all toiletries that you use daily to keep you looking and feeling your best in the first days of your relocation.

In your bedroom, you’ll want to pack three days of clothing in a suit case. Also, keep in mind that with our moving company, you won’t need to try to pack your hanging clothes because we provide wardrobe boxes at no cost which allow for an easy slip on slip off approach from your old closet to your new one.

We have many more moving tips for you that we can provide over the phone or in your home.

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