For a top quality San Diego mover, we’d like to tell you about some of the most important features. This is because we believe that a San Diego mover must posses certain qualities to bring simplicity and exceptional service to your move.  So, we encourage you to learn what you need to know about the top qualities for movers.   


Honesty and Friendliness: With bogus movers and scams in the U.S., it’s important to sense that your movers are honest and friendly. Don’t discount any underlying messages you experience that suggest your movers are dishonest or unfriendly. 


Licensed, Bonded and Insured: In California, moving companies are required to be licensed. Movers that are bonded and insured who are willing to show proof of this information demonstrate that the moving company is genuinely concerned about protecting your best interests.    


Pricing Reliability: Bait and switch scams do exist. Go for binding in-home estimates to eliminate the risk that you’ll be charged additional fees on the day of arrival or after transit at the drop off location. Moving companies that require fees paid up front help to avoid any confusion about fees and eliminate the possibility of additional fees.  


Informative: Professional moving companies like to inform you about the different aspects associated with a move. This information will provide advantages for you that save dollars and time. 


Complete Evaluation: This includes a complete evaluation of your home lay out, types of furnishings and needs for supplies- indicators that the mover is thorough! 


Detail Oriented: A mover that knows how to pack, dissemble and assemble furniture, conduct inventory and perform box counts demonstrates that the mover can be accountable for his work.  This helps to refrain from risks of damage and breakage! 


Accessibility: It’s important to be able to reach your movers whenever you need them. Exchange cell phone numbers with your movers so that you have easy accessibility to them when you need them.  


Storage Facility: Movers who have storage facilities lend credibility to their services. You want to know where to find your mover if you have a problem.   


Well Maintained Truck:  A well maintained identifiable truck sends a positive message about the moving company you are hiring. 


Carefree but not Careless:  Movers who are low key but in control of your move help to make your move stress free. Best to stay away from any headaches through this transition!  A low key take charge mover is timely, fast and efficient.


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