At OS San Diego Moving, company philosophies tell us that we should inform you that there are bogus movers in the U.S. The FBI conducted a sting operation called Operation Stow Biz in which sixteen moving companies were stealing property or holding items against the will of the property owners, citing that the items would not be released until moving costs were paid in full. In Sacramento, California, CBS television investigated a moving company that provides price quotes, but upon arrival to start the move, the price doubles or triples.  CBS also learned about situations whereby property was held hostage until fees were paid. There are also haulers who advertise moving services online, but do not have the training or experience of a professional moving company. The Internet also displays companies posing as legitimate movers, but do not have the support of legitimate agencies nor are licensed, bonded and insured.

Our San Diego moving company believes it is vital to educate yourself further.  Before you call a moving company, it is wise to find out how to make sure someone you are hiring to assist you with your valuable personal possessions is actually who he says he is. Just a small amount of your time can save you hundreds of dollars and many headaches.

As you might guess, it is optimal to have time to do research on the Internet. If your time on the internet is limited, focus on one or two moving companies and explore their websites. Here, you should learn about the company mission and philosophy. You should see content that provides you with tips that will save you money and allow you to make the transition securely and quickly. When any mover arrives at your home or business, it is essential to ask to see his moving license and driver’s license. Any reputable mover will have no problem producing these documents for you, and will respect that you have the savvy to inquire about these items. Ask the mover about guarantees, free supplies and discounts; and make sure that information is well documented in writing, along with your estimate.

Remember to follow your instincts. If a mover comes to your home and you feel uncomfortable for any reason, request that he leaves. A scammer will leave quickly instead of challenging your request and risking that the police will be called.

Protecting yourself and your property is a priority today. Licensed, courteous, and hardworking movers are in the vast majority of those you will encounter. However, if you are confronted by a rip-off artist, apply these tips to make sure you are getting the quality service you so well deserve.

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