Moving from San Diego to Arizona, AZ
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Moving from San Diego to Arizona

Arizona is famous for its desert climate and its beautiful sunsets. The northern part of Arizona features mountain ranges, pine forests and big canyons (see, Grand Canyon). Northern Arizona receives significant snowfalls, and snow has been known to fall as far south as Tucson

Moving Advice

Here are some things you should know before moving to Arizona:

Summer is the off-season. Moving to Arizona, especially Phoenix, Tucson and their respective surrounding areas, during the summer can considerably reduce your moving costs because it is the off-season. Winter is more expensive, primarily due to an influx of seasonal residents, making it more difficult to book moving trucks and companies.

Some Arizona hot weather tips to keep in mind include:

  • If possible, try to park your car in the shade.
  • Don’t immediately touch a steering wheel or leather seats with bare skin without cooling down the interior of your car first.
  • Never leave pets or children in your car unattended. This is required all year round, but it is especially dangerous to do in the summer.
  • Don’t leave your phone in the sun because it will overheat and shut off.
  • Stay hydrated! Some say to drink half your body weight in fluids; others recommend eight glasses of water a day. Whatever the amount, just make sure you’re drinking enough for you.
  • Don’t throw out all your winter clothes. When the summer heat finally passes, anything below 70 degrees is going to feel extremely cold.

Having moved from the San Diego, CA myself, I know that it is something that needs to be thought out carefully, as there is alot more to think about in addition to figuring out where you are going to live or maybe work in your new job.

There are other important things that need to be considered, such as school for your kids, work, environment, culture, and more,when planning to Move To Arizona.

Certainly the weather should also seriously be considered. I have heard people say they just hate the heat and are moving back to San Diego, CA and that they should have never considered the Move To Arizona. Others say quite the opposite, like myself, who wonder how they ever lived in California.

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