Know Your Movers and Your Moving Truck

Professional San Diego movers have specific reasons for selecting the trucks that they use for moving. Some professional movers focus on small moves and may not need all of the equipment necessary for a full service mover.  Other San Diego movers focus on long distance move and require specific trucks for their needs.

OS Moving San Diego has a fully gated lift truck to manage local, long distance and specialty moves, such as, for pianos.  We have found that the advantages of state-of-the-art equipment on our trucks allow for the safest and most secure moves. Yet, we’d like to give you a sneak peek at some of the other options out there so you know how to compare when it comes to selecting your mover.

Panel Van – This is the smallest of all moving vehicles. These vehicles may be appropriate for moving into a studio apartment or for moving a single large item. However, caution should be considered when moving a large item or fragile items. It might be wiser to use a fully gated lift truck which is best equipped to safely and securely place and move large items.

City Moving Truck – City moving trucks tend to be equipped with lower cabs to accommodate for low ceiling areas and oversized windshields to provide a wider spectrum of vision for city drivers.  A city moving truck is great for tight city streets, and a fully gated lift truck can usually manage through tight areas as well.  

Straight Truck – A straight truck is a term that is used to describe a truck that can store roughly 10,000 pounds of goods and may be up to 26 feet in length. This type of truck can move a small to medium size home, just like a fully gated lift truck.

Tractor-Trailer – Tractor-Trailers are used for long distance moves and can be up to 50 feet long. Initially, your possessions may be transported to a pit stop in a fully gated lift truck where your possessions can be transferred for long distance travel. Tractor-trailers are equipped with special features to allow for a smooth ride during long distance travel.

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