Over 20 years ago, 1 Stop Moving and Storage began in the Greater San Diego area. Since then, 1 Stop Moving and Storage has become an award winning premier moving company to service The Western United States. We have a passion for being an exceptional leader in the moving industry earning broad stars and stripes as the best moving company in California. We maintain sustaining close ties with our team of dedicated movers and consultants. Today we continue to believe you will have the most collaborative, comprehensive, and affordable moving services in our community. We have come together to develop the broadest range of moving packages through open team building and cooperation. We build recurring relationships with our customers as their needs grow over time.
Looking around for the best moving company, the people at 1 Stop Moving and Storage remain such an indelible difference in our community and communities throughout the Western States. There are few other moving companies with good understanding of the industry. Yet, we are known to have the best understanding for making the highest quality moves across Orange County and beyond. The quality of people involved with our company are a true testament to the impact then we make on our clients as they come back to us with every move they make in their course of lives.
We seek collaboration with our clients and create the solutions that they ask for. We are long term players in the market. We are here to stay.
Contact us today for your Moving Quote. Take advantage of our Storage Facility. We assure you won’t be disappointed!