At OS Moving San Diego, we support all of your goals for a composed and collective move of your loved one’s household goods to prepare for distribution of an estate. OS Moving San Diego is highly skilled at delivering inventory services with professional, reliable and exceptional service. We can manage your inventory for you through our professional packing services, route any special belongings to loved ones, transfer any other household goods where you wish, and store your loved one’s belongings in our state-of-the-art storage facilities.
In an estate move, you and your loved one(s0 may have specific ideas for specific items. So, it might be difficult to manage such a transition without proper planning. So, you can check out our moving checklist and packing tips if you plan on preparing the household goods yourself . In the meantime, we invite you to learn more about how we can help you manage your inventory through our packing and transfer services.
Listing Items: OS Moving can provide a complete list for each item in each box, including: a description of every item so you have a complete and accurate inventory list.
Labeling: OS Moving uses thick, dark markers to label your boxes on two opposite sides. Our professional moving representatives know how to especially mark specific boxes, such as those that need to be routed to other locations or those that need to be opened first. Fragile items and electronics can be placed in special boxes for safe keeping.

Tracking: OS Moving logs the number of boxes for each room and each location in an organized fashion. .
Transferring and Unloading Inventory: OS Moving checks off the number of boxes that are delivered to specific locations to ensure that your inventory is moved properly. OS Moving can place immediate needed boxes in specific locations so that you can easily access the right boxes first.
OS Moving San Diego also offers tips for estate wills and trusts. Too, we also provide free phone estimates and visual estimates (binding) to simplify the first step in your move.
If you are interested in a free price quote, contact OS Moving San Diego today at 1-800-456-6834 or 858-693-3622.

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