If you’ve already completed utility transfers, change of address requests, mover hiring and have begun eliminating “throw aways”, you are on schedule for success in the two week countdown.   The finer details come into play in this moving checklist. So, learn more about how you can prepare to make packing and unpacking very straightforward.

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Returns: Undoubtedly, you’ll have returns that you’ll need to make before you move. But, timing is important. You don’t want to return items, such as cable boxes, too soon. So, here’s the mini- list of returns that are good to accomplish within one to two weeks of your move.

Pick Up Items: You’ll also have items to pick up, including:

Banking Changes: It’s often a good time now to change your bank, if necessary, and transfer funds. Renting a safety deposit box can be wise as well. Be certain to have ample reserves, including cash on hand for your movers, as well as tips or perks for helpers.

Pack New Home Reserve Items: It’s highly advantageous to have a special box for each room at your new home, especially marked for simple visibility. While gathering items for these boxes, you can clean out the drawers. These boxes should contain items that need to be easily accessible, including:



Tool Area:

Pack Non-Living Areas: It’s best to get any rooms that you do not use daily packed up in this timeframe, including the basement, garage, attic and utility room.

Yard Sale: Final preparations for the yard sale include recruiting helpers, tagging items and making signs. You’ll also want to research and place advertisements, such as, community and regional newspapers, craigslist and other online sources.

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