Dammeron Vally, Utah is a very small area that is a part of Washington County, Utah.  The area is a quaint one with only about 800 inhabitants.  Most of the Dammeron Valley population is Caucasian women, but there is still diversity.  However, the population in Dammeron Valley is also on the older side.  The average age of the occupants of the area is about 62 years-old.  That being said, the average income is about $55,000.  However, this higher-than-average income is necessary to live in Dammeron Valley.  According to the cost of living index, the ratio from the control variable, the United States of America, to Dammeron Valley, Utah is 100 to 123.  This means that Dammeron Valley is, on average, a more expensive area to live than other areas of the country.  However, the peace is worth the cost.
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