Veyo, also known as Glencove, is a very small area in Washington County, Utah.  The most recent census stated that the population of Veyo was less than 500 people.  When it comes to climate, Veyo is Semi-arid, which means that it is a desert area, but can experience some humidity.  Even in winter months, the lowest temperatures are in the high twenties.  However, in summer months, the temperatures can go up to the hundreds.  The occasional humidity and rain is very rare.  On average, it rains about thrity-five days out of the year.  That being said, it is rumored that the town is an acronym for virtue, enterprise, youth, and order, which could be a positive move!
If you need some youth or order in your life, or maybe you are just looking for less rain and warmer temperatures, One Stop Moving & Storage would love to help you move from San Diego to Veyo, or Glecove, Utah!  For the past decade, we have helped people like you move their homes and businesses time and again.  In response to our efforts, we have received positive support through local media channels, social media, and the Better Business Bureau.  We make moving easy.  You just need to contact us, so we can decipher your needs, help you make a decision, and help book your move.  On moving day, you will only need to move the live members of your home or business.  Our expert movers will take care of the rest.  They will even pack everything for you if you would like!  Moving with us can be very easy.