Toquerville, Utah is a small city in Washington County, Utah.  The city was established in 1858, in honor of Chief Toquer.  However, Toquerville is a peaceful place, with only 1500 people that call the city home.  The peace is accompanied by heat and dryness, which should not deter you if you do not mind a little sweat!  The lowest temperatures tend to occur in January and December, but remain, at lowest, in the high twenties.  The highest temperatures, however, occur in June through August, at most lingering in the high nineties.  The rain, unfortunately, is not as abundant as the heat.  On average, Toquerville gets about thirty-one days of rain out of the entire year.  However, if you can get past the heat and dryness, Toquerville is a great place to become a resident.
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