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Moving your household can be stressful, time consuming and full of anxiety-inducing unknowns. Add an intrastate move, one where maybe you’re moving sight unseen or aren’t very familiar with the area and there’s a whole other layer of complexity. Many people don’t do these moves very often, so they have to learn as they go about coordinating delivery schedules and in what order to pack items. These big and little details can often derail a person’s moving plans and create a miserable experience for everyone involved. All the blogs and pinterest checklists and advise from friends about moving can still only help you plan and execute your move so much.

One Stop Moving & Storage Inc. is a team of dedicated moving experts that has been planning, coordinating and executing moves from San Diego within California for over a decade and is ready to help you in every aspect of your move. Our experience in moving between the two areas is unrivaled and detailed down to the many different climate change issues that come up during different times of the year and the time zone differences (California doesn’t recognize day light savings so don’t forget to factor that in when scheduling deliveries and appointments!)

When you chose One Stop Moving & Storage Inc. to take care of your move from San Diego, you’ll be assigned a personalize moving coordinator that will be available to you leading up to, during and after your move. Your personalize move coordinator will walk you through everything you need to know and do to make your move a success. Have pets and don’t know how to move them? What about living plants that need to be watered every day? What if you have a gap of time between your pick up and delivery dates and don’t know if you should store your items in San Diego or any other city in California? What should you pack for your first and second day of the move? All of these details and more are discussed with you over the course of your move.

So now you’ve planned your move and understand the next steps, now One Stop Moving & Storage Inc. will do all the work for you! Well, we don’t pack and ship humans so you’ll need to get yourself to your destination… but everything other than that! Allow our packing team to wrap and pack your items to prevent breakage and damage and to maximize organization while you’re unpacking. Our labeling system ensures you won’t be playing the ‘where’s that thing?’ game for months after your move. And our transportation system will ensure the safest space for your items during the move.

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Moving is often tied to large life changes (a new job, marriage, new house, birth of children, divorce, death, etc) so it’s no surprise that moving is associated with stress and anxiety. Here are some ways we try to reduce that stress:


  • We keep the lines of communication open with 24/7 call support before, during and after your moving day to answer any questions and provide you with support.
  • Our knowledgeable and friendly employees will provide you with packing and moving tips and tricks. We can provide these either over the phone or we can send you printable materials via email.
  • Your moving crew will communicate with you on their way to your home in the morning, periodically and frequently throughout the day, and at the end of the day to make sure all of your needs were met.
  • We utilize one of the top-rated 3rd party insurance companies to expedite claims services.
  • The easy and efficient claims process removes the runaround and ambiguity of your status and what you can expect. Our insurance compensation is aligned with the State of California and the Bureau of Household Goods and Services.

Packing & Packers

One of the biggest and most time consuming challenges of moving is packing your belongings. You want your possessions to be packed with care so that they will arrive to your new destination the same way they left. Our professional packers are trained to pack all of your items in a timely manner by using the top of the line packing materials and excellent organization skills. This includes your most fragile and valuable items such as pianos, glass items, and antiques. One Stop Moving & Storage offers you the peace of mind of knowing that your valuables will be safe and secure on the way to your new home. We offer a full range of packing services. Whether you need all of your items packed or partial packing services, we are here to get the job done.

Our Packers, What You Can Expect

Our moving team will meet with you prior to your move to assist you in your moving preparation. This will ensure a quicker and more efficient move. We will discuss whether you need a complete packing service or a partial packing service. Don’t forget that we offer various packing supplies such as boxes, blankets, paper pads, custom crating, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, as well as mattress bags and boxes. We offer many box sizes, from wardrobe boxes to boxes large enough to pack lamps or television sets. We will strategically plan which boxes you should have immediately upon the arrival of your new destination. Boxes that hold bathroom items, towels, and bedding will be readily available so you begin to settle into your new home with ease.

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