Packing cups and bowls requires gentle consideration. Whether you have cups and bowls made of ceramic or any other material, you’ll want to embrace a soft touch when packing your cups and bowls, including:

  • Use a flat table surface that has a stack of corrugated paper on it to place each cup 6-8 inches from the corner of the paper one at a time.
  • Lift the closest corner of the paper up and over the cup.
  • Settle a 2nd cup into the 1st cup by placing it on top. Be certain to have the handle face left.
  • Next, lift 2 side corners of the corrugated paper and tuck the corners into the top cup.
  • Gently roll the bundle of cups into the leftover corner of the paper.
  • For bowls, you can repeat the above mentioned process. Be sure to use a box with a stack of wadded corrugated on the bottom to cushion the bowls. Bowls should be placed on the edge in the moving box and not be on the bottom of the box.
  • China and antique cups should have wadded paper inside the cups before wrapping one at a time.
  • Be certain to fill gaps between layers with wadded corrugated paper.

Glasses & Stemware

Glassware and stemware can be packed together for a two for one combination. Still, the approach must be gentle to prevent the glass from breaking, as follows.

  • Have plenty of wadded tissue or corrugated paper on hand to lodge inside the glass that you place stemware in.
  • After your glasses are filled with stemware and tissue or corrugated paper, you can lay each glass individually on the edge of laid out packing paper and roll each glass in the paper until you reach the opposite corner. You can tape bubble wrap on the outside of this package for added protection.
  • You can use cellular boxes to place your glasses with stemware in.
  • Heavy glassware should be lodged at the bottom of the box, while lighter glassware is placed on the top layers of the box.
  • Placing glassware and stemware in an upright position in the box offers added safety.
  • Be certain to fill gaps between layers with wadded corrugated paper.

A snug fit for all of your tableware, cups, glassware and stemware is the goal when moving. There should never be any gaps between layers. Wadded packing paper is the perfect filler for gaps. Your tableware, cup, glassware and stemware boxes should be marked with the title “Fragile” on the top and sides of each box.

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