Packing Delicate Items

Tableware is a set of fragile items that must be packed diligently and carefully. So, we have some recommendations that will provide you with added safety and security for your tableware, including:

  • Use medium sized boxes, preferably dish packs, and fill the bottom of the box with wadded corrugated paper.
  • Use a flat table surface that has a stack of corrugated paper on it to center each plate on the paper one at a time.
  • Lift the corners of several pieces of corrugated paper as you pull the paper over the first plate completely.
  • Stack a second plate on top of the first and repeat the above mentioned process to fully cover the second plate. You can continue on this path until you have a created a bundle of three or four plates together.
  • Place your wrapped bundle of plates upside down onto the corrugated paper.
  • For extra reinforcement, wrap the entire stack by covering each corner of the stack with a corner of the corrugated paper. You want also want to bubble wrap each bundle.
  • Secure the bundle with adhesive tape.
  • Stand each plate bundle on its edge inside a medium sized box.
  • For other tableware, repeat the same process.’
  • Be certain to fill gaps between layers with wadded corrugated paper for cushioning.

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