Moving in San Diego? Focus on Fitness and Nutrition

If you’re moving in San Diego, it might seem easy to focus on fitness and nutrition during your move. Yet, too often, there are other priorities that get in the way of a good fitness and nutrition routine during a move.   So, we’d like to give you some tips to stay on top of your game in terms of fitness and nutrition during your move.

Health Club Membership: Having a health club membership during and after your move helps to set you up for success through the time of your move, while you are settling into your new home and getting into a regular healthy lifestyle routine for the duration that you are in your new home. For as little as $25.00 per month, you can have access to all of the cardiovascular and weight training equipment you need to see results that will provide an enhancement in just about every aspect of life. The combination of aerobic exercise and weight strength training for one hour every day promotes wellness, increases energy and relieves the stress that is associated with a move.

Healthy Grocery Store: Having easy access to a healthy grocery store should be a top priority to ensure you have the right nutrients during and after your move. The right nutrients, such as, fresh fruits and vegetables, are great snacks to boost your energy and productivity.   Check out local farmer’s markets and organic food stores in your new area. Stock up on healthy snacks for the duration of your move and thereafter.


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Board and Care Moving with Special Considerations in San Diego

OS Moving is a top tier San Diego moving company that can understand how important it is to make your board and care move a smooth one. Our professionally trained experts are committed to outstanding service that can exceed your expectations and meet your deadlines.  With this San Diego moving company, you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe and secure.

Compared to all San Diego moving companies, our goal is to deliver top level service for your move. We take pride in our exceptional, timely service. All San Diego moving companies have the goal to provide great service, but OS Moving and Storage offers many benefits to stand above the rest. OS Moving goes beyond being licensed, bonded and insured.

In a board and care move, you will be likely able to keep your bedroom furniture and a chair, but the majority of your household goods will need to be cleaned out of your home, stored, and/or given to loved ones for their care. Still, it’s important to keep special and items in your new room, such as bedding, pictures, nic nacs and art work. It’s also important to know that your household items will be safe and secure through our packing and moving services.

Moving Checklist: Not only does OS Moving offer free boxes to help take the headache out of your move, but we offer complete moving and packing services so that you can feel secure in knowing that your items will be inventoried and protected from harm.

Packing Services: OS Moving not only provides standard packing services, but also offers inventory management, disassembly and assembly.


Multiple Destination Drop Offs: We understand that you may not wish to go through the majority of your belongings and furnishings. OS Moving knows how to coordinate multiple destination moves and can monitor the tracking of your precious items throughout your move.

Storage Services: Os Moving offers modern, state-of-the-art storage facilities with clean units (climate control available) and a wide variety of unit sizes.

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Selecting San Diego Movers during Tough Economic Times

San Diego movers at our company offer prices that are very suitable for people suffering through difficult economic times. If you have been laid off work or are currently unemployed, it may be difficult to consider the prospect of moving. By the same token, this prospect may alleviate some of the financial burden you are experiencing. So, why not consider a move?

Indeed, a move can be a relief through difficult economic times.  By saving even $100 each month in rent, you may be able to buy a lot more groceries. By saving $200 or more, you can put a bigger dent in bills that might be piling up.  There’s much money that can be potentially saved by making a move during your difficult time and our San Diego Movers can help you during your transition from home to home.

In addition, another reason why you might want to make a move now is to obtain a fresh start. If you are involved in a short sale or foreclosure, it can be a very stressful time. Starting out with a new beginning at your new location may be just what you need to feel refreshed again and our San Diego movers can help!

We have adjusted our pricing to meet the demands in our difficult economic climate. Our San Diego Moving Company offer discounted rates, but have not compromised the high quality services that we have provided to every one of our customers for many years.

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San Diego Moving Company Red Flags

San Diego moving company red flags are important to note. Your property and your home are invaluable. Your safety and security is a top priority. Over the years, there have been a number of moving companies in San Diego and throughout the US that do not operate under best practices.  These companies may seem to offer the best price. Their employees may sound convincing over the phone.  Yet, in the end, you may get a bill you did not expect. You may not have proper insurance allocated for your needs and you may suffer from damage to your property. You may have had some of your belongings mysteriously disappear upon arrival at your new location.  These are some of the occurrences that have been documented over time, particularly during our difficult economic times when many unemployed individual’s have turned to the moving companies as a means to secure income.

On the other hand, you can be assured that our San Diego moving company adheres to the highest standards in the moving industry. Our employees have been with our company for a long time.  We are highly skilled at preserving the beauty and functionality of your goods. We let you know about insurance options prior to your move. Our billing policies are spelled out very clearly and your bill will reflect the great price that we have for all of our customers.  Any question you have about the integrity of our company will be answered fully and completely so you can have confidence in our services and San Diego Movers.

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